New Year (Navasard) & Christmas

New Year (or Navasard) is celebrated on the eve of the last day of the year and the first day of the new year in the calendar. Most of the countries (including Armenia) celebrate New Year on January 1, which, according to the Gregorian calendar, is the first day of the year. It is lavishly [...]

1000 Years of Village Life Festival

The 1000 Years of Village Life Festival is all about discovering rural customs and traditions. It’s a unique chance for tourists to get familiar with, enjoy, and participate in Armenian rural lifestyle. They can spend a day with a family in a village house, and even be involved in activities like beekeeping and honey extraction, [...]

Arts and Craft Festival

The Cultural Revival Arts and Crafts Festival promotes the revival of region-specific arts and crafts. The festival presents exclusive works of carpet weaving, decorative arts (pottery, blacksmithing, and woodworking) and samples of the Armenian national cuisine. Moreover, tourists have the chance to see national musical instruments of different communities from across Armenia.

Crossroad of Peace Festival

This multi-day and multi-city Festival promotes peace and cultural tolerance. Held in Byurakan, Pambak, Ashtarak, and Yerevan, Armenia on the Crossroads of Peace Festival serves as both a national festival and a cultural exchange activity, establishing relationships between participating nations and encouraging fostering own cultural heritage. Participants from countries like Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Italy [...]

Haybuis Armenian Herb Festival

Herbs are essential ingredients in the Armenia cuisine and home remedies. The HayBuis Festival, translated as “Armenian Herb,” celebrates these special ingredients and sharing the traditional recipes. The Festival is held in one of the most breathtaking places in Armenia - the Apaga resort, located in Yenokavan, Tavush region, an area known for its picturesque [...]

Khorovats Festival

Barbecue is a staple of the Armenian cuisine, and it surely has its own annual festival during which visitors may learn the secrets of making the tastiest Khorovats (barbecue). The annual “Khorovatz Paradon” or Barbecue Festival is being held in the northern part of Armenia, in a town called Akhtala, in Lori Province on the [...]

Raspberry Festival

In the midst of each raspberry season, the Ashotavan community of Sisian, Syunik province, holds the Raspberry Festival. During this Festival, raspberry farmers gather in Ashotavan to sell their raspberries, traditional Armenian gata, and other delicious food. Don’t miss this festival because your day will be really sweet: with full of surprises, competitions, and awards. [...]

Sail of Hope International Bard Festival

Huso Aragast, which means “Sail of Hope,” is a music festival, named after a very famous Armenian song. It’s a great chance for novice musicians to promote their songs or music; as well as a fun recreation for music lovers and tourists. It takes place at Wishup shore of Lake Sevan. The festival’s highlight is [...]

Gata Festival

Gata is the symbol of Armenian cuisine and one of the main decorations of Armenian tables. It is sweet bread with khoriz- a filling of flour, butter, and sugar; it may have different decorations. This festival takes place in Khachik village, located in Vayots Dzor Region. The locals treat the guests to the traditional national [...]

Areni Wine Festival

Areni Wine Festival is an excellent chance to discover more on Armenian winemaking. The annual festival takes place in Areni village and offers tasting some of the best Armenian wine. The festival will be accompanied by traditional songs, dances, and games. Besides wine, visitors can try local, regional dishes and enjoy the various recreations. At [...]

Honey & Berry Festival

The Honey and Berry Festival is a two-day festival in Berd, dedicated to promoting agriculture, beekeeping, arts and crafts, and tourism. After a jazz concert opening, visitors can taste and buy local honey and berries. They can also admire and purchase handmade articles and crafts. With various outdoor games, this festival is fun for the [...]

Sevan Music Festival

The Sevan Music Festival gathers young people from Armenia and around the world to the shores of crystal-blue Lake Sevan. This Festival signifies the true beginning of summer and features a variety of performances. Visitors also participate and even perform. They can also enjoy swimming or taking boat rides. Whether you’re a musician or just [...]